• 6 Operating Modes: Vegetable Purification, Fruit Purification, Meat Purification, Seafood Purification, Fish Purification, Tableware Purification 
  • Disinfection of Fruits and Vegetables: Eliminate residual pesticides, effectively degrade the agricultural residues contained in fruits and vegetables, increase the taste after disinfection, and prolong the preservation
  • Meat sterilization: Removes additives, effectively degrades various hormones in meat, and turns pesticides and hormones into stable inorganic substances
  • Simple operation: just press once to clean, press the button to start the power supply, press the mode to select the cleaning category, press again to turn off the power
  • Safe Materials: Made with food grade PP material, safe and non-toxic with low resistance and high temperature performance
  • Product Size: 31.5 x 23.5 x 30 cm

Package Contents

1 x Food Washer

1 x User Manual"

"Material: PP Plastic

Product Capacity: 10L

Rated Voltage: 110V/ 50Hz

Rated Power: 15W

Product Size: 31.5 x 23.5 x 30 cm

Package Size: 34 x 29 x 37 cm


1. Put in the ingredients that have been hand-washed, then add the appropriate amount of water (the water level is completely immersed in the ingredients)

2. Cover the top cover, and select the appropriate working function according to the ingredients to be processed. 

3. After each treatment, drain the water. 

4. Take out the processed ingredients and rinse them with water.

Vegetables: 5-10 minutes

Fruits: 5-10 minutes

Seafood: 10-30 minutes

Meat: 10-30 Minutes

Kitchenware: 20-30 minutes

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10L Automatic Fruit Vegetable Meat Disinfection and Purification Machine Cleaning and Sterilising Washer - GSJ-S4

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