• H-shaped pillow is uniquely designed to support your head, back, belly, buttocks and legs so you can sleep comfortably during pregnancy. This maternity sleeping pillow is different from other body pillows. It combines the ergonomic design of a U-shaped pillow and a J-shaped pillow.
  • Pregnancy pillow is removable and can be used as a L-shaped pillow and a wedge pillow. There is no head part pillow that you can sleep your own pillow. The J shaped body pillow can be used as a leg wedge pillow, placed between the legs.
  • Maternity Pillow measures 145 x 74 x 20 cm with full body sleep support. The flexible L-shaped unilateral body support makes it easy to turn around at night. Whether you sleep on your side or on your back, this body sleep pillow will give you a comfortable night.
  • Washable Cover: Pregnancy pillows come with soothing pillowcases that are skin-friendly, breathable, cool to the touch and machine washable. Double zipper, long zipper for easy installation and removal. Perfect for summer or pregnancy, it will keep you cool all night long.
  • Tip: Please allow 24-48 hours for the pillow to take shape.

Package Contents

1 x Maternity Pillow

Material: Velvet, Polyester, Cotton
Colour: Grey
Shape: H
Product Size: 145 x 74 x 20 cm
Package Size: 44 x 32 x 16 cm

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H-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow for Sleeping, Adjustable Maternity Full Body Pillow for Pregnant Women with Washable Cover

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