• Scouring Pads: With strong cleaning ability, it can effectively remove scratches and stains. Do not be used on the body of car. GREEN Scouring Pads can be used for glass, wood furniture and China. RED Scouring Pads are moderate, can be used for sinks, tile, stainless, steel, linoleum. GREY Scouring Pads are soft, can be used for soap scum, cookware, pans, mineral deposits.
  • Sponge & Woolen: Sponge polishing pads are divided into three types of polishing—They can be used with different polishing compounds for different polishing and glazing degrees. The main role of woolen polishing pads are improving the gloss of objects.
  • Wide Application: The MATCC polishing combination is widely used, not only for car maintenance, but also for furniture, floors, tiles, toilets and other places that need to be cleaned and polished. There are three types of tools to choose from, which can fully meet your needs.
  • Size Form: All pads are 3 inches in size, including drill adapter and backing pad. Can be connected to the polishing machine through a 3-inch tray.
  • Package Includes: Includes 9pcs scouring pads, 8pcs sponge polishing pads, 2pcs Woolen Buffing Pad, 1 drill adapter, and 1 Hook & Loop Backing Pad.

Package Contents

8 x 3" Sponge Polishing Pad
9 x 3" Scouring Pad
2 x 3" Woolen Buffer Pad
1 x 3" Drill Adapter
1 x 3" Suction Cup

Material: Sponge, Wool
Product Size: 25 x 16 x 6 cm
Package Size: 25 x 16 x 6 cm

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21 PCS Polishing Scouring Pads Kits with Drill Adapter for Sanding, Glazing, Polishing, Waxing

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