Kids can have fun while improving their thinking abilitiy and magnetic cognition. Players use the positive and negative poles of the magnetic ring to play the ring game, using the principle of magnetic force to make the trailer move forward or backward.

  • Place the assembled trailer on the center of the table and insert it into the game column to start the game.
  • The player flips the poker and completes the corresponding ring game according to the color and sequence of the magnetic ring displayed by the poker.
  • The magnetic ring has positive and negative poles. The force field between the same poles will repel, and the opposite poles will attract each other. Players must distinguish the repulsion and suction on the card.
  • Put a magnetic ring on the front and rear of the trailer and the game handle, and use hte game handle to move the trailer forward/ backward.

Package Contents

1 x Magnetic Trailer Set

Material: ABS, Metal
Age Requirement: 3 years and up
Product Size: 40.5 x 28 x 7 cm
Package Size: 40.5 x 28 x 7 cm

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Educational Toys, Magnetic Trailer Truck Stacking Set, Color Matching, Reaction Training Magnetic Game for Kids - 5224

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