• Two sizes and two positions - children of different ages come in two sizes
  • Soft silicone head is suitable for newborn babies and the other is for children aged 2-7
  • Helps parents or child care providers to quickly and easily remove the mucus from the baby's nose and relieve their discomfort
  • Waterproof, easy to clean (only washable silicone removable position and silicone, the body cannot be cleaned)


1. The child's runny nose can be used directly.

2. When the child's nasal mucus is too hard and stubborn, do not suck hard. You can wet the nose with a cotton swab dampened with water for about 10 minutes to help suck out the hard objects of the nose more easily.

3. The second nasal suction silicone sleeve can be used to suck blackheads and use multiple functions.

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Portable Adult/ Baby Nasal Aspirator Newborn Baby Infant Nose Cleaner Suction Safe Hygienic USB Rechargeable

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