• Allows 2-4 Players
  • Simple yet intense game suitable for the whole family
  • SPEED CUPS is the perfect game that develops the child's sense of perceptiveness and speed of action
  • Supports concentration and trains children's ability to recognize colors

Package Contents:

1 x Deck of Game Cards (54 Cards)

1 x Bell

4 x Red Cup

4 x Light Blue Cup

4 x Pink Cup

4 x Dark Blue Cup

4 x Yellow Cup"

SPEED CUPS is the perfect game that develops the child's sense of perceptiveness and speed of action. It also supports concentration and the ability to recognize colors. 

Play items include 1 Deck of Playing Cards, 5 Cups and 1 Bell. 

The rules are simple. The beginning is to separate the cups. 

Each participant receives five pieces. 

The cards should be shuffled and then put them t-shirts up. 

Then one of the players chooses the card, after seeing the pattern you have to quickly arrange your cups according to the picture shown on the card you have drawn. 

The cups can be stacked next to each other, as well as one below the other. 

There is no time to think about it here.

Our young players have to be on their guard and decide quickly whether the setting shown in the picture is vertical or horizontal. 

If the task was done, cups stacked, you should immediately ring the bell. 

The other players check the setting of the cups. 

If it is correct, the player takes the card, if not, the card goes to the person who arranged the cups in the correct manner. 

In the event that there is no winner, the card returns to the deck. 

When the stack of cards ends, the game ends. 

The person who has won the highest number is the winner. 

For a child, this seemingly simple game is a great workout.

The child's eyes and hands must work very quickly and quickly to memorize the pattern, quickly arrange it and press the button. 

All this teaches a child of perceptiveness, quick, reflective action while having great fun. 

An additional attraction for kids is the interesting color scheme of the set. The colors of the cups, the bell and the large number of patterns used on the cards arouse additional curiosity. 

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