These Vacuum Seal Food Cover Lids are super easy to use. Simply place the lid over your food, making sure that it comes in contact with the clean, smooth surface of your plate/ bowl, then lightly press the top of your lid, to create an instant vacuum seal. You're guaranteed to save money and time, because your leftovers will be protected from spoiling and remain edible much longer. The vacuum seal actually keeps your leftovers or prepared dishes from going bad and maintains food freshness, up to 5 times longer than using plastic wrap. 

  • Vacuum seals your existing dishes, keeping your food up to 5 times fresher than plastic wrap.
  • Easy to use, simply seal with the press of your hand
  • Greatly reduce the amount of spoiled or stale foods
  • Can be used on glass, ceramic, stainless steel or plastic

Package Contents

1 x 5-Piece Vacuum lid set"


Material: Plastic + Elastic Membrane

Product Dimensions: 10cm, 13.5cm, 18cm, 23cm, 28cm

Package Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 3cm

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Keepeez 5-Piece Vacuum Sealing Food Cover Saver Lid Set

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