Drastically improve the productivity of your business while also maintaining an accurate cash count and counterfeit prevention. This money counter not only speeds through up to 900 bills per minute but also eliminates all doubt on the total count. It also features a portable design, easy to carry with its compact size and convenient retractable handle.

  •  Counterfeit Detection: Automatic counterfeit detection using UV(Ultraviolet) sensors
  • Multi-Currency: Suitable for most currencies in the world such as CAD, USD, Euro, GBP, JPY, CHF, HKD, etc. (money counter only counts the number of bills, not the denomination)
  • Large Capacity and Fast Counting: Holds up to 200 bills and can count up to 900 notes/ min
  • 3 Counting Modes: Count performs a one-time count of all bills; Add keeps a running tally of total bills counted; Batch sets a custom batch amount to separate bills into the needed quantity
  • Portable Design: Easy to carry with its compact size and convenient retractable handle

Package Contents

1 x Money Counter

1 x LED Screen

1 x Power Cable"

Counting Speed: >900 pcs/ min

Banknote Size: Max. 90 x 185mm Min. 50 x 100mm

Counting Display: LED Display

Power: AC110V 60Hz

Package Size: 320 x 288 x 205mm

Net Weight: 5.7kg

Applicable Currency:

US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Hong Kong Dollar etc

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LED Money Bank Note Counting Machine Multi-Currency Bill Counter with UV Counterfeit Bill Detection

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